Al Burch resigns from Board of Directors

Al Burch

Al Burch, who served on the Council’s Board of Directors since September of 2002, resigned in May. Burch represented the Kodiak Island Borough for 16 years. He served for 14 of those years on the Council’s Legislative Affairs Committee, helping to guide the Council’s advice to elected officials and to provide input on legislative matters.

In May, the Council passed a resolution commending and expressing gratitude for Burch’s dedication and service to Alaska. The resolution noted that Burch “maintained one of the best attendance records for his participation in Council meetings, even when doing so presented him with many challenges and difficulties.”

“Al was a commercial fisherman in Alaska for over 55 years, and was shrimping out of Seward when the Exxon Valdez went aground. Since the spill, Al has been a tireless advocate for the protection of Alaska’s fisheries and ocean resources. We will sorely miss Al’s sage advice and his dedication to the Council’s mission,” said Donna Schantz, executive director for the Council.

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