Board of directors met in Kodiak

The council’s board of directors met in Kodiak on Thursday and Friday, September 17 and 18.

Agenda topics included:

  • A presentation by NUKA Research & Planning, LLC on the council’s past efforts to identify the response gap in Prince William Sound and how a response capability analysis could complement that earlier work.
  • A presentation by CDR Joseph Lally, U.S. Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit Valdez, on managing tanker movements in Prince William Sound and Port Valdez during high weather events.
  • A presentation by Starcrest Consulting Group. LLC on the results of an analysis to quantify tanker ship air pollutants being released in Prince William Sound.
  • Consideration of a board resolution in support of implementing the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Reopener for Unknown Injury.
  • A report on the council’s monitoring of oil-spill response drills and training exercises conducted in Prince William Sound and nearby waters in 2014.
  • A presentation by Kodiak Salmon Camp youth leaders on their involvement in recent activities supported by the Council.

Meeting documents are available below: 

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