Board of Directors met in Seward

Glacier near Seward, Alaska. Photo by Linda Robinson, July 2010The Council’s Board of Directors met in Seward on September 22 and 23, 2022. 

The Council conducted regular business during the meeting, including updates from Council ex officio members, staff and committees. Other topics included on the agenda were:

  • An activity report by Alyeska Pipeline Service Company on the Valdez Marine Terminal and Ship Escort Response Vessel System operations.
    A review of new designs for the replacement of the floor, and a system to limit corrosion within the floor, for one of the crude oil storage tanks at the Valdez Marine Terminal.
  • An update from Council staff and contractors and Alyeska staff on the monitoring of repairs and next steps resulting from snow and ice damage to tank vents at the Valdez Marine Terminal in February and March 2022.
  • Introduction and remarks from Interim Alyeska President Betsy Haines.
  • A video based on field trials for a recent Council study on passing messenger lines to disabled vessels, the first crucial step in setting up a tow line between a rescue tug and a tanker in distress.
  • Discussion to potentially update the Council’s 2006 position on use of dispersants in our region during an oil spill.
  • A report on the availability of out-of-region equipment that would be needed in the event of a major oil spill in our region.
  • A review and assessment of the Council’s Peer Listener Training Program and similar programs nationwide that promote peer-to-peer community support, specifically after disasters such as an oil spill.
  • A report on plankton sampling done throughout Port Valdez in 2021, to understand how these populations varied to improve the monitoring of invasive species.
  • A presentation on marine bird surveys conducted in Prince William Sound in March of 2022.

 Council Board meetings are routinely recorded and may be disseminated to the public by the Council or by the news media.


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