Council met in Valdez in May

The Council’s Board of Directors held a board meeting in Valdez on Thursday and Friday, May 2-3, 2019.  Agenda, meeting documents, and teleconference information: Board of Directors Meeting – Valdez, May 2 and 3, 2019

Topics included on the agenda included:

  • An introduction and update by the new commissioner of the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, Jason Brune.
  • A joint presentation from the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, the U.S. Coast Guard, and the council on the Alaska Regional Contingency Plan and updates that have been implemented.
  • An activity report by Alyeska Pipeline Service Company on the Valdez Marine Terminal and Ship Escort/Response Vessel System operations.
  • A review by Council staff of Alyeska’s Ship Escort/Response Vessel System transition from Crowley Marine Services to Edison Chouest Offshore, including a summary of the transition timeline, general impression of the training and exercises, and significant events.
  • An update by Council staff on the settlement agreement resulting from the request to the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation for an adjudicatory hearing regarding the terminal contingency plan, which was pursued jointly by the Council, the City of Valdez, Valdez Fisheries Development Association, and Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corporation. This will include a presentation on the installation of a buoy at the Valdez Marine Terminal to measure weather and currents.
  • A report from the Council’s legislative monitors and staff on political developments and prospects coming out of Washington, D.C. and Juneau.
    An overview by Council staff on community outreach activities from the past year.

Council board meetings are routinely recorded, and may be disseminated to the public by the Council or by the news media.

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