Whittier’s Korbe resigns

Andrea Korbe
Andrea Korbe

Andrea Korbe of Whittier announced in June that she would be resigning her seat on the council’s board.

Korbe accepted a teaching position at the Whittier Community School and felt she would not be able to participate fully as the city’s representative.

“I thank you for putting your trust in me during the past two years as Whittier’s representative.” Korbe said in her resignation letter to the council. “I have learned a great deal about the safe transport of oil in Prince William Sound and have worked diligently to represent our city well.”

Korbe has been monitoring the Whittier area for invasive green crab and tunicates. She hopes to continue volunteering for the council’s citizen monitoring efforts.

Whittier was expected to name a replacement later this summer to fill the remainder of the term, which expires in May 2016.

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