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Are you familiar with oil spill planning or response, marine science or engineering, journalism, mass communication or public relations? We need committee volunteers with knowledge in these areas!

The council’s volunteers give their time and expertise to help maintain safe oil transportation in Prince William Sound.
The council’s volunteers give their time and expertise to help maintain safe oil transportation in Prince William Sound.

The Council is actively recruiting volunteers for the following committees:  Port Operations and Vessel Traffic System (POVTS), Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC), Terminal Operations and Environmental Monitoring (TOEM), and the Information and Education (IEC) committees.

About the committees:

Committee volunteers are appointed by the board in an annual application process, completed in consultation with committee chairs and staff.

Volunteers are appointed for staggered two-year terms. Each committee has at least one member from the Council’s Board of Directors. This committee structure is stipulated in the Council’s bylaws and in the Oil Pollution Act of 1990.

Most committees meet every 4-6 weeks. Meetings are often held via teleconference because many members live in remote Alaskan communities. Most volunteers donate anywhere from 5 to 10 hours per month, although this varies by committee. 

Our committees:

Are you ready to volunteer?

For more information on volunteering, contact Outreach Coordinator Betsi Oliver at 907.273.6235.

Meet some of our volunteers:

John LeClair: Oil spill response lessons from fighting wildfires

LeClair and his family enjoy traveling and spending as much time as possible adventuring outdoors. Photo courtesy of John LeClair.
During his summer vacations from college, council volunteer John LeClair got his start in the field that he would come ...
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Linda Robinson: New committee volunteer has long history with council

Linda Robinson
On the way out the door on her last day before she retired from 23 years on the council’s staff, ...
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Bauer reelected, new members welcomed, long-time volunteers honored

The 2014-2015 executive committee, left to right: Miller, Duffy, Hart, Bauer, Lewis, Korbe and Herbert.
The council held its annual board meeting in Valdez during the first week of May. Among other business, new board ...
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Gordon Scott tells his story of “Life at half a knot”

Gordon Scott
Volunteer Spotlight  On March 23, 1989, Prince William Sound fisherman Gordon Scott didn't know a thing about oil spills, and ...
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Sarah Allen: Oil spills have been a major influence on new volunteer

Sarah Allan
Volunteer Spotlight Sarah Allan, newest member of the council’s Scientific Advisory Committee, known as SAC, has been fascinated by science ...
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John Kennish: Chair of science committee long interested in effects of toxins on environment and health

John Kennish
Volunteer Spotlight: John Kennish, chair of the council’s Scientific Advisory Committee, also known as SAC, found his life’s calling early ...
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