Update to regulations on spill prevention and response contingency plans

In January 2023, the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation updated the regulations governing the state’s oil spill prevention and response contingency plans. The new regulations went into effect February 5, 2023.

View the updated regulations on the department’s website: Oil Discharge Prevention and Contingency Plan Regulations Update

Public scoping and comment periods

In 2019, ADEC opened a public scoping process to solicit input from stakeholders, the public, and industry on areas where Alaska’s Oil Spill Regulations 18 AAC 75 – Article 4 and Alaska State Statute 46.04, Oil and Hazardous Substance Pollution Control, could be streamlined.

During that scoping process, ADEC received over 350 comments from approximately 130 parties. The vast majority of the commenters supported maintaining the regulations as they currently stand and were adamant that there should be no reduction in environmental protections provided by Alaska statutes and regulations.

In 2021, ADEC issued their draft proposed regulations and held a public comment period.

The Council submitted comments, available here: Comments on proposed regulatory revisions to 18 AAC 75, Article 4 (submitted January 2022)


This table includes documents dating back to 2019, when ADEC first issued the public scoping comment period.

Document titleFile sizeDate distributedDescription of content
Document titleFile sizeDate distributedDescription of content
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