Science Night 2013

Columbia Glacier
Columbia Glacier

The council hosted our annual Science Night event on December 5. The event started off with a poster presentation by intern Sarah Hoepfner on her work this summer monitoring for green crab in the Cordova area. Five presenters followed, speaking on a variety of issues relevant to the council region.

A list of presentation topics and downloadable presentations are available at the link below.

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Annual science event to be held in December

Every December, the council sponsors an evening of presentations by scientists conducting research in areas of council interest. The event is an initiative of the council’s Scientific Advisory Committee. SAC, as it’s known, ensures council projects are based on the best available scientific information.

Topics in the past have included humpback whale research, the council’s green crab monitoring program, the effects of oil and dispersants on salmon and other species, ocean waves, Columbia Glacier, and much more.

This year, Science Night will be held December 5, 2013 at the Hilton hotel in downtown Anchorage. The event is open to the public.

A list of this year’s presentations will be posted on the Science Night page when it is available.

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