Council board meeting held in Valdez

The council’s board of directors recently held a board meeting in Valdez.

On the agenda:

  • An overview of the standards for the escort tugs, barges, and other equipment that is required for oil spill prevention and response in Prince William Sound
  • A presentation about potential changes by the Alaska Regional Response Team to the Regional Stakeholder Committee, that allows stakeholders an opportunity to provide input in the event of an oil spill or pollution incident
  • A presentation on how oil dispersants may impact the health of wildlife
  • A presentation on recent changes to how dispersants are approved for use in Alaska
  • An update on council outreach activities for the past year

The following scientific reports and studies were approved by the council:

  • The potential use of satellite imagery for early detection of oil spills
  • An analysis of ballast water discharge from Prince William Sound tankers

These reports will be available on our website in the coming weeks.

Download meeting materials:

A final agenda is available here: Final Agenda for May 5 and 6 Meeting of PWSRCAC Board of Directors

Meeting materials are available here: May 2016 Meeting of the PWSRCAC Board of Directors

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