Council meeting held in Anchorage

The council’s board of directors recently held a meeting at Embassy Suites in Anchorage on January 23 and 24.

Topics included:

    • A presentation by Alyeska on the tanker escort system in Prince William Sound
    • Discussion and approval of several reports, including:
      • Remote control of the Valdez Marine Terminal
      • Non-indigenous plankton in Prince William Sound
      • Analysis of biodegradation of crude oil
    • Update on Prince William Sound’s oil spill contingency plan renewal for the terminal
    • A discussion of the State of Alaska’s oil spill prevention and response fund
    • A report on incidents at the terminal during 2013

The agenda and meeting documents are available at the link:

Download agenda for meeting:

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Meeting documents are available here: January 2014 meeting of the Prince William Sound Regional Citizens’ Advisory Council.

The councils’ public proceedings are recorded and may be disseminated to the public by the council or by the news media.

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