Council’s Board of Directors met in Kenai

The Council’s Board of Directors met in Kenai on Thursday and Friday, September 19 and 20, 2019.

Agenda, meeting documents, and teleconference information: Board of Directors Meeting – Kenai, September 2019

Topics on the agenda included:

  • A report evaluating the safety of established potential places of refuge, or pre-identified sites that may aid decision-makers in responding to vessels in distress. These sites provide a sheltered location where vessels could be anchored and repaired, and/or where oil could be safely offloaded to another vessel to minimize spilled oil.
  • An activity report by Alyeska Pipeline Service Company on Valdez Marine Terminal and Ship Escort/Response Vessel System operations.
  • An update by Council staff on the installation of weather buoys at the Valdez Marine Terminal and Valdez Duck Flats to measure weather and currents.
  • A report on the annual analytical summary and interpretation of the passive sampling device, mussel, and sediment samples taken each summer for the Long-Term Environmental Monitoring Program. While sampling is generally limited to locations in Port Valdez, the 2018 report covers more extensive sampling conducted every five years in Prince William Sound (including Port Valdez), along the outer coast of the Kenai Peninsula, and the northern tip of the Kodiak Archipelago on Shuyak Island.
  • A presentation by Council staff on the status of Alyeska’s Valdez Marine Terminal Oil Discharge Prevention and Contingency Plan.
  • A report on plankton samples gathered from Port Valdez in 2017 for genetic analysis to identify marine invasive species.
  • A report of the Council’s monitoring of drills and exercises in 2018.

Council board meetings are routinely recorded and may be disseminated to the public by the council or by the news media.

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