Public comments on guidelines for use of dispersants in Alaska

Changes to how dispersants are authorized for use during an oil spill are being proposed by the Alaska Regional Response Team (ARRT). The ARRT is a combination of federal, state and local agencies that share responsibilities for managing oil and chemical spill responses in Alaska.

The ARRT asked for members of the public and stakeholder groups to review the draft Oil Dispersant Authorization Plan, and is providing an opportunity for comment.

Update: The ARRT’s deadline for written comments was February 14, 2014.

For more information visit: Alaska Regional Response Team

Public comments:

Council’s comments submitted February 2014:

PWSRCAC’s Comments On The Proposed Dispersant Use Authorization Plan - February 2014 (0.7 MB)

Other documents:

To help you understand the issues, the council prepared several documents:

Cover Letter To Stakeholders On Changes To Dispersant Use Guidelines - November 11 2013 (0.5 MB)

Discussion Points For Public Meetings On Changes To Dispersant Use Guidelines (0.1 MB)

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