Council seeking experts in air quality monitoring

Request for qualifications

The Council is seeking environmental consulting firms that specialize in air quality monitoring and regulatory oversight to provide technical support for the Council’s Terminal Operations and Environmental Monitoring (TOEM) Program.

The goal of the TOEM program is to minimize the actual and potential environmental impacts associated with the operation and maintenance of the Valdez Marine Terminal, and a component of this is providing public comments on the Valdez Marine Terminal Title V Air Quality Permit renewals. The Valdez Marine Terminal is operated by Alyeska Pipeline Service Company.

Submittal Deadline: October 1, 2023
Award Announcement: October 15, 2023

For a full list of services requested, expertise desired, and requirements for submittal, please download the full RFQ:

Request for Qualifications: Review Title V Air Quality Operating Permit Renewal of the Valdez Marine Terminal (Permit Number AQ0092TVP03) for Alyeska Pipeline Service Company

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Please address questions via email to: Sadie Blancaflor at

Request for Proposals: Advances in Escort Tugboat Technology and Regulatory Frameworks

The Council is inviting proposals to review global advances in the design of escort tugboats and the regulations requiring the use of these vessels. The final work product of this effort is a report detailing the findings of this study and an oral report provided to the Council’s Board of Directors.


Proposals Due: August 18, 2023
Award Announcement: September 25, 2023
Final Report: December 30, 2023


For more information on this project and proposal requirements, please download the full RFP: State of the Industry: Advances in Escort Tugboat Technology and Regulatory Frameworks (PDF)


Please contact Alan Sorum, Maritime Operations Project Manager via email: 

Request for Qualifications: Recreation Seat, PWSRCAC Board of Directors

The Council is soliciting Statements of Qualifications (SOQs) to identify entities interested in serving as the Recreation representative on the PWSRCAC Board of Directors. The seat for Recreation provides the opportunity to influence decisions having profound implications for oil transportation safety in Alaska, and for the state’s oil spill prevention and response capabilities.

Submittal Deadline: July 15, 2023
Award Announcement: Pending PWSRCAC Board Approval

For more information, general requirements and submittal instructions, please download the full Request for Qualifications:

RFQ PWSRCAC Recreation Seat


Inquiries regarding this RFQ should be directed via email to KJ Crawford at

Funds available for educational projects related to our mission

The Council works to educate Exxon Valdez region youth about the environmentally safe operation of the Alyeska terminal and associated tankers. Working with area youth is vital to fight complacency that can arise if new generations of citizens are not continually reminded of the need for ongoing oil spill prevention.

To support this effort, the Council is inviting proposals for facilitating learning experiences with Exxon Valdez oil spill region youth. Youth in this case can include students from K-12 formal education, homeschool students, informal education programs, and either formal or informal college-level education. In the past, the PWSRCAC has also sponsored projects for teachers that benefit area youth.

  • Submittal Deadline 11:59 p.m. on May 19, 2023
  • Final announcement on or before July 31, 2023

Projects should result in better understanding of such topics as: citizens’ oversight, environmental impacts of the operation of the Alyeska Pipeline Service Company oil terminal in Valdez and the oil tankers that call there, oil spill prevention and response planning and operation, and/or other topics related to the Council’s mission.

Past and ongoing projects have included:

  • youth stewardship expeditions into the marine environment via sea kayak and other vessels
  • youth monitoring for aquatic invasive species
  • public oil spill science discovery labs
  • oil spill science and technology outreach
  • oil spill education website development
  • K-12 oil spill curriculum writing and testing
  • travel funding for youth presenting oil spill projects at conferences
  • oral history projects related to the Exxon Valdez oil spill
  • other marine stewardship programs for students with an oil spill connection
  • more information about past projects

For more information, please download the full Request for Proposals:


Please contact Outreach Coordinator Maia Draper-Reich at

More about the Council:

Future funding opportunities

There are two deadlines each year to submit proposals for educational project funding. You may subscribe to our email list for new Requests for Proposals to receive notifications when these are issued by the Council.

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