Board of Directors: Meeting materials now available

The Council’s May 4-5, 2023 Board of Directors meeting will be held in-person at the Valdez Convention & Civic Center in Valdez, Alaska. The meeting will also be available virtually and telephonically for those unable to travel.

Join the meeting: Meeting audio and video, including presentations, will be available streaming online via Zoom (available starting May 4 by 8:00 a.m.) or by calling 1-888-788-0099, reference meeting ID 893 7326 1330.

A complete meeting packet will be available for download HERE, on or before April 30, 2023.

TitleView File
1-00 Final Agenda For PWSRCAC Board Meeting, May 4-5, 2023 In Valdez
1-01 Draft Minutes Of January 26-27, 2023 Board Meeting
1-02 Draft Minutes Of The March 14, 2023 Special Board Meeting
2-02 March 20, 2023 Budget Status Reprot
2-05 List Of Board Committee Members
2-07 List Of Actions
3-01 Approval Of Resolution Designating PWSRCAC Check Signers
3-02 Approval Of FY2024 LTEMP Contract Authorization
3-03 Approval Of FY2024 Marine Invasive Species Survey Analysis Contract Increase
3-04 Annual Technical Committee Member Appointments
3-05 Approval Of FY2023 Contingency Plan Contractor Pool
3-06 Approval Of PWSRCAC Alyeska Contract Compliance Verification Report
4-02 Review Of ADEC’s Changes To Article 4 Regulatory Update
4-02–PRESENTATION–Review Of ADEC’s Changes To Article 4 Regulatory Update
4-03 Report Acceptance – LTEMP Transcriptomics
4-03–PRESENTATION–LTEMP Transcriptomics
4-04 Report Acceptance – 2019 Alaska North Slope Crude Oil Properties
4-04–PRESENTATION–2019 Alaska North Slope Crude Oil Properties
4-05 Sustainable Shipping Phase I Regulatory Mandate Review
4-05–PRESENTATION–Sustainable Shipping Phase I
4-06 Federal And State Government Affairs Update
4-07 Report Acceptance – 2022 Drill Monitoring Annual Report
4-07–PRESENTATION–2022 Drill Monitoring Annual Report
4-08 Community Outreach Annual Report
4-08–PRESENTATION–Community Outreach Annual Report
4-09 Annual Board Committee Appointments
4-10 Annual Board Required Document Completion
4-11 POVTS Tanker Speed Reduction Operational Review
5-01 May 2023 Program And Project Status Report
Alyeska-SERVS Activity Report

Anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms should not attend the meeting in-person

Board meetings are open to the public, and an opportunity for the public to provide comments is provided at the beginning of each meeting.

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