Prevention and Response Operations

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Drill Monitoring Reports
Fishing Vessel Training
Oil Spill Response Gap
Balloon-Based Oil Spill Surveillance System
Other Prevention and Response Operations Documents

Drill Monitoring Reports

2017 Drill Monitoring Report 0.1 MB0
2016 Drill Monitoring Report 0.7 MB0
2015 Drill Monitoring Report 91 KB0
2014 Drill Monitoring Report 0.6 MB0
2013 Drill Monitoring Report 0.6 MB0
2012 Drill Monitoring Report 37 KB0
2011 Drill Monitoring Report 0.2 MB0
2010 Drill Monitoring Report 87 KB0
2009 Drill Monitoring Report 94 KB0
2008 Drill Monitoring Report 97 KB0
2007 Drill Monitoring Report 27 KB0
2006 Drill Monitoring Report 0.1 MB0
2005 Drill Monitoring Report 66 KB0
2002 Drill Monitoring Report 0.3 MB0
2003 Drill Monitoring Report 48 KB0
2004 Drill Monitoring Report 36 KB0

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Fishing Vessel Training

March 2005 SERVS Fishing Vessel Training Program 36 KB0
SERVS' Fishing Vessel Program Meeting in 2005 70 KB0
Fishing Vessel Types Fact Sheet 0.8 MB0
APSC Servs Fishing Vessel Review 0.6 MB0
2011 Fishing Vessel Owner Meeting 0.4 MB0
Fishing Vessel Training Fact Sheet - Updated September 2014 1.0 MB0

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Oil Spill Response Gap

Response Gap Methods 0.9 MB0
Response Gap Estimates for Two Operating Areas in Prince William Sounds - 2007 5.2 MB0
Non-mechanical Response Gap Estimate: Literature Review and Recommended Limits - 2007 99 KB0
Non-mechanical Response Gap Estimate for Two Operating Areas of Prince William Sound - 2008 1.8 MB0
Response Gap Flyer 0.7 MB0

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Balloon-Based Oil Spill Surveillance System

OSRI Balloon Surveillance System Operations And Test Results 1.0 MB1
Balloon Based Oil Spill Surveillance Fact Sheet - Updated 121312 0.7 MB0

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Other Prevention and Response Operations Documents

Coping with Technological Disasters: Appendices 4.8 MB1
Community Oil Spill Response Forum - Final Report 2.3 MB1
Review Of Oil Spill Responses 1993-2000 0.3 MB2
PWSRCAC Position On Insitu Burning 81 KB2
JPO Letter Regarding Valve 109 Problems 56 KB1
Symposium On Marine Science 38 KB1
Upper Cook Inlet Ice Rules 95 KB1
USCG Authorization Of SERVS For Transfer From PWS To Cook Inlet 0.2 MB1
Letter From ADEC To Seariver About Migration Measures 0.5 MB1
An Assessment of the Role of Human Factors in Oil Spills from Vessels 0.9 MB1
PWS Spill Response Locations 1.9 MB1
Kodiak Spill Response Locations 2.4 MB1
USCG Investigation Grounding Of Seabulk Pride 0.2 MB1
Prince William Sound Recovery Rate Analysis 1.4 MB2
Tethered Balloon Surveillance Demo 0.1 MB2
Oil Spill Simulation Materials Review 3.4 MB1
Combining the Firehouse Model and Community-based Response Teams for an Improved Regional Oil Spill Response System in Alaska 0.4 MB2
Telecommunications In Prince William Sound - 2005 2.7 MB0
Drift Study Outreach Flyer - Sept 2016 Deployment 1.0 MB0
Prince William Sound Oil Spill Recovery Optimization Analysis 9.8 MB1
Circulation in Port Valdez 16.7 MB0
Coping With Technological Disasters Guidebook - Version 3 1.4 MB0

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